Love and hate have one important thing in common. You can say I will be there.

I will be there to help you succeed. I will be there to cause your failure. I will be there to help you to your feet. I will be there to kick you on the floor. I will be there to hold you while you die. Ditto.

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"All I ever wanted was to pick apart the day put the pieces back together my way"

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Wow. I just became that asshole.

"Is this a horror movie"- my sister five minutes into Cabin in the Woods.

"Kinda. It’s more like a humorous retredding of
Horror movie tropes and their implications. You see, the humor comes from denying the audience their expected results and supplementing them with new new ideas pertaining to the genre and tone of the film.


“If you could fight anyone who would you fight?”

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A woman in her forties (who wasn’t even attractive in a “in her forties” kind of way) hit on me today. One of the highlights of my day. Second highlight, free beer. Third highlight, an action movie starring Channing Tatum while under the influence of said beer.

This is what my life is. And why the news I’d be moving back home (well…it’s a big state, but it’s still home) was actually very exciting. Oh yeah, that counts as the fourth highlight.

Ps: Fuck Airizona. Terrible idea.